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Costs to Consider for Homeschooling


Managing Home School Costs

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Managing Home School Costs - by James Masterson Home schooling is now, more than ever, being considered as a viable alternative to traditional schooling. The reasons for which are diverse ranging f READ MORE

How Much Does It Cost To Homeschool A Child?

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"...a homeschooling family can spend as much or as little as they can afford and still make homeschooling work. There are a lot of homeschooling organizations where multiple families pitch in and help READ MORE

Adding Up the Cost of Home Schooling by Jennie L. Phipps

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Adding up the cost of home schooling By Jennie L. Phipps Bankrate.com TO READ ARTICLE VISIT http://www.bankrate.com/brm/news/advice/20041109a1.asp © Copyright 2009 Bankrate, Inc., all rig READ MORE

Homefires' Readers' Survey: What It Costs to Homeschool

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Note: Although this article/survery is outdated, it offers a detailed list of expenses/options to consider. This was an informal, voluntary, anonymous survey of homeschooling families in the San F READ MORE

Homeschooling & Finances

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This page is about how we provide for our families and the circumstances that can surround that. We will address the realities of single family incomes for stay-at-home partners, working from home, wo READ MORE
This directory is devoted to exploring the finances associated with homeschooling.
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