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Academics (by Subjects) for Homeschool Studies


Algebra for Homeschool Studies
Anatomy for Homeschool Studies
Arts & Homeschool Studies6
Biology for Homeschool Studies
Chemistry for Homeschool Studies4
Critical Thinking For Homeschool Students2
Foreign Language & Homeschool Studies2
Geography & Homeschool Studies1
Geometry for Homeschool Studies
History & Homeschool Studies7
Language Arts & Homeschool Studies1
Life Skills & Homeschooling
Literature & Reading for Homeschool Studies
Mathematics for Homeschoolers1
Music & Homeschool Studies6
Physics for Homeschoolers3
Science for Homeschool Studies6
Social Studies & Cultural Learning for Homeschools5
Technology For Homeschool Students3
Typing for Homeschoolers10
Unit Studies for Homeschools2

Advanced Placement Courses and Curriculum

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Visit site for comprehensive links to available courses. Ignite the Fire! Terri Camp The College Board's Advanced Placement Program (AP) offers college level course materials and exams to high sc READ MORE
This directory is devoted to specific concentrations (Language Arts, Math, Science, History, etc.). Find sites providing Free Lesson Plans and Printable Resources for All Levels of instructions. This directory will also link you to a fabulous selection of e-Learning sites which provide free e-books (complete texts), challenging interactive learning activities and educational games for specific subject areas with grades levels noted if applicable. These award winning educational sites improve and enhance core knowledge through the use of visual and practice aids while developing necessary technology skills and understanding.
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